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Investor Services

TSGRE’s core values

At Touchstone Group Real Estate (TSGRE), we strongly believe there’s a better way for investors to source properties, turn them over, and add value to their pockets and their portfolios.

In fact, we’re so passionate about connecting our investors with value-add or opportunistic deals that we’ve created our own methods and development process to streamline a traditionally manual operation.


The Touchstone Group way

How do we do it? Our team:

  • Wades through, analyzes, and identifies the best properties for our investors
  • Shifts focus with market conditions to take advantage of the right opportunities
  • Brings in construction projects on time and on budget
  • Manages cash-flow properties to maximize returns and protect equity
  • Features investment-savvy brokers with a goal to maximize profit


Reap the benefits from a more efficient process

Our in-house investment, brokerage, construction, and property management team means a single point of contact for each investor, reduced expenses from our efficiencies, and minimization of delays.

Compare this to multiple party relationships from other brokerages or the hassle of managing your own projects.


We’re all about transparency

At TSGRE, we value honesty, integrity, and transparency. We aim to align our goals with our investors’ goals and do so with a profit-sharing model that benefits our investors first and the company second.


How to get involved

If you’re an investor who wants to increase your ability to take advantage of market conditions and grow your portfolio, partner with TSGRE’s full-service, investment-focused team.

Start a conversation: Courtland Townsley, Managing Partner, 872-225-2008 or



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